A quick update… and thank you!

Happy Movember!

A few words to tell you that we are still alive and well! We had a bountiful harvest for our first year and the greenhouse is almost up!

We also wanted to take the time to thank all of the people who helped us get where we are today!

Thank you Annie, Lee and Aurora for inspiring us and letting me couch surf in the little camper last summer! Thank you Doug of the Rennie General Store for letting us use your truck on several occasions! Thank you Larry for helping us move in Sidney and letting us store some of our garden equipment at your place! Thank you Paul and Dawn for letting us use your garage space!

There are others locally that helped out too… Jenny and Michel of Moon Gate Bed & Breakfast for letting us plant a garden! Thank you Shannon of the Spicy Radish for setting us up with worms for our vermi-compost and Papa Spicy for the garden compost! Thank you Kyla and Matt for the wonderful moo poo! Thank you Noel and Randa and Craig for being hospitable and generous neighbours, and the Penners for being such wonderful landlords!

Paulette, Brad, and kits (Jade, Brown, Teal’k, Moya, Rocky)

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Our new home!

Hello everyone!

Wanted to let you know that we are almost settled at our new location in the east! The stakes are in the ground and we’ll be putting up the greenhouse soon! Looking forward to digging new gardens too!


Greenhouse 2011


We are very excited about what this year will bring. We have made new connections with some local artists and businesses and made new friends.

Check out the Moon Gate Bed & Breakfast, Spicy Radish, and South Moon Arts links on the right.

Happy spring!

Paulette, Brad, Paul, Jamie & Sean


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Just wanted to share some pics of the plants we have in the greenhouse. They will soon be moved east for planting in the garden!

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Spring has sprung… we think!

Grey skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face… is what we are all hoping for!

Well, May is here and along with May comes Mother’s Day, the May long-weekend and farmers are beginning to seed their fields!

Here at JUST Community Market Co-op, we are planning a new beginning on the east side of the province. We are on the move again. From the Spruce Woods Park area we travel to the Whiteshell near Whitemouth where prairie meets boreal forest.

We are very excited to be setting up camp with friends Annie Bergen, Lee Holleron and their adorable daughter Aurora – not to mention Tucker (the dog), Precious and Sketchy (the cats), BB King (the goat), their ducks, chickens and new family of rabbits and miniature horse.

Sounds like fun and many new adventures on the horizon! We hope to be set up, including the garden and greenhouse, by the end of August, so we’ll keep you posted.

If you’d like to say hello and catch up, we’ll be helping out at Mary Jane’s Cooking School 5th Annual Garden Party Fundraiser on Saturday, May 17th at 252 Arlington (at Portage behind Kendrick Printing).

Paulette, Brad, Paul, Jamie and Sean

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JUST Community Market Co-op happenings…

Hi there everyone,

You’re probably wondering what has happened to us. Well, I am happy to say that we are still alive and well and making plans for next year.

Since we’ve moved to the Spruce Woods Park area we have had quite a few challenges, but none we couldn’t overcome.

We got the greenhouse up on July 1st. We had to wait until there were a few dry and wind-free days to put the plastic on the greenhouse. We had a very late start to say the least. We managed to do a few starts in the house until we were able to move them to the greenhouse. The plants were much smaller than usual at this time of year.

We transplanted what we had to the new garden area, but alas, all of our peppers and some of our tomatoes were eaten by a pretty intense grasshopper infestation. We managed to seed most of the garden plot for a fall harvest (planted beginning of August), but everything that came up was fodder for the pests!

The greenhouse harvest was abundant for what we planted – perennials such as catnip, anise, lemon balm and some wintercress. We also got a decent harvest of basil, a modest amount of roma and farthest north tomatoes and a lot of doehill peppers. These lovely little rare heirloom sweet peppers have huge flavour, can be used for stuffing and are very pretty too! We’re in the process of dehydrating most of the peppers for winter storage.

Sweet Earth Gardens (Paulette) produced some French Fingerling potatoes in a separate garden plot and got a very nice yield considering how late they went into the ground. No potato beetles either! What a wonderful potato – firm, lots of flavour, bake and fry well and also good for potato salad. Yummy! Thanks to Boyne River Ridge (Liz and Henri) for the seed which originally came from Littlepath Farm & Market in Minnedosa (Wes and Andrea).

The greenhouse is done for the winter and we are now using it for storage. Unfortunately we are moving again in the spring. We’re looking for land or a place where we can share our vision with like-minded folk.

We are checking out all of our options and want to thank those of you who have offered your suggestions and encouragement.

If any of you have any leads on property whether it be a rental situation, rent-to-own, land for sale, or other alternative arrangement please get in touch with us via our contact form.

Until then,


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