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JUST Membership

How can I become involved? What are the benefits?

  • Owner Member — producer owner and full voting member of JUST Community Market Co-operative Ltd
  • grows bedding plants or produce for the Co-op or sells bedding plants, produce, processed goods or meat products through/to the Co-op
  • produces arts and/or crafts for the Co-op or sells arts and/or crafts through/to the Co-op
  • produces ethical goods and/or provides ethical services for the Co-op or sells ethical goods and/or services through/to the Co-op
  • member producer sales payable (determined annually)
  • food, bedding plant and/or marketing credits for ‘sweat’ equity and travel time
  • member allocations based on patronage
  • $500 for 500 member shares
  • Preferred Customer — consumer of JUST Community Market produce, products, and/or services
  • discounts on volume purchases
  • referral program opt-in
  • Volunteer — volunteer for JUST Community Market doing physical labour and/or administrative work
  • food, bedding plant or and/or marketing credits for ‘sweat’ equity and travel time

Business Associates

  • Marketer — markets JUST Community Market produce and/or products and/or services
  • Owner/Operator/Tradesperson — sells ethical products and/or services through the Co-op

For more information on how to become a member or associate, please email paulette at

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