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JUST Community Market

“JUST Community Market” is the name we chose for our co-op and can be expressed as a concept. It is an entrepreneurial network with a vision to bring together like-minded people and complimentary resources. We hope to increase access to opportunities both within the network and the broader market by promoting each others’ talents and services.

The word “just” implies justice guided by reason, conscience, and a natural sense of what is fair to all. Within the context of our name, “JUST” is an acronym. To find out more visit JUST Us.

There are many definitions and interpretations of “community”. Our understanding is simple — a group of people with a common vision, beliefs, interests, and goals that actively support each other creating a sense of belonging.

The “market” or “trading post” is where buyers and sellers meet to exchange or trade goods and services. However, it is also a meeting place where we would like to encourage the sharing of knowledge, ideas and conversation!


Notes: Definition sources Wikipedia

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